All articles published in section "Diseases" are quotations from the book "The Cure For All Diseases" by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark.

Dr. Hulda Clark:

The statements and conclusions, described in the section, are my own and if further instructions are not present, they shall remain exclusively my own. They are grounded in my scientific research and the study of concrete patients' cases. Keep in mind that each person is unique and may respond in a different way to the treatment methods described here. We have recommended the doses, considered suitable by us, but remember that each of us is different and every treatment has to be applied responsibly and with caution.

The Team of zepir.com:

The treatment methods described here do not intend to replace other forms of treatment, offered by the traditional medicine. Please, consult with your personal doctor or another medical practitioner before deciding to apply them. For every medical condition, You, the visitors of this website, have the opportunity to write comments. Here you can share your personal experience related to the fight against different medical problems and explain which method has worked best for You.

ZEPIR Ltd. does not bear responsibility for any of the described treatment methods. We simply introduce the particular information, and each person should assess its use on her or his own. Keep in mind that Dr. Hulda Clark is an American, and most pieces of advice are based on the use of American herbal products. Of course, every region is characterised by a unique flora, but we have done our best to supply European equivalents.

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What causes cancer Tapeworm
Dental Clean-up Curing HIV/AIDS
Aflatoxin Curing Cancer
Heart Disease Liver Bile diseases of old people
Anemia Dementias, Memory Loss
Alzheimer\'s Digestion Problems
Autism Schizophrenia
Manic Depression Depression
Burning And Numbness Flukes Not Alone
Flukes and Solvents Fluke Disease
Treat Yeast or Fungus the Same Diaper Rash
Yeast Infections Insomnia
Sleep Apnea Sleep Problems
Weight Problems Seizures
Alcohol Addiction Alcoholism
Environmental Illness Universal Allergies
Myasthenia Gravis Muscular Dystrophy
Muscle Diseases Tooth Decay
Glaucoma High Blood Pressure
Multiple Sclerosis & Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis Fever
The Flu Tapeworm Stages
Warts Psoriasis, Eczema
Acne Hives
Skin Rash Sebaceous Cysts, Skin Problems
Fatigue Herpes
Diabetes Of Childhood Prediabetic
Diabetes Scalp Pain
Ear Noises And Ringing Earache
Headache and Migraines Macular Degeneration
Eye Pain Throat Pain
Tooth Ache Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Problems
Front Neck Pain Back Of Neck Pain
Finger Pain Thumb Pain and Hand Pain
Wrist Pain Elbow Pain
Upper Arm Pain Shoulder Pain
Upper Back Pain Chest Pain
Slow Pulse/Syncope (Passing Out) Heart Pain
Breast Lumps Breast Sensitivity
Breast Pain Bronchitis, Croup, Chronic Cough
Asthma, Respiratory Illness Hiatal Hernia
Stomach Ulcer Midabdomen Pain, Stomach Pain
Side Pain Prostate Problems
Nausea Infertility
Menopausal Symptoms, Hot Flushes, PMS The Silent Cervix
Contraception Uterine Pain, Endometriosis
Interstitial Cystitis Central Abdominal Pain
Crohn\'s Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), Colitis, and Spastic Colon
Urinary Tract Pain Appendicitis
Stomach Pain Lower Abdominal Pain
Low Back Pain Groin Pain
Bone Strengthening Hip Pain
Thigh Pain Allergic Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteo or Common Arthritis
Joint Pain or Arthritis Fibromyositis and Fibromyalgia
Leg Pain In Adults Leg Pain In Children
Heel Pain Foot Pain
Toe Pain Pain From Toe To Head
The Road To Wellness How To Heal
Self Health How We Really Get Sick
Chemical Toxins Physical Toxins
Mycotoxins Metal Pollution
Solvent Pollution Pollution
Parasites & Pollution The Worst Parasite