A common mold found on bread, nuts and fruit and in beer, apple cider vinegar and syrups, produces aflatoxin. This is what prevents you from detoxifying tiny bits of propyl alcohol that get into your body!


Buy bakery bread or bake your own. Roast nuts after washing in vitamin C water to destroy aflatoxin and then store in re­frigerator. Keep moldy fruit out of the refrigerator where the spores can spread. Use only white distilled vinegar. Use honeys instead of syrups and even add vitamin C to them.


Vitamin C helps your body detoxify all the mold toxins I have tested, including aflatoxin.


Keep powdered vitamin C in a salt shaker. It belongs on the table with salt and pepper, and at the stove. Put it in everything possible, from cereal to soup to rice (1/8 tsp. is enough). Besides this take 1/8 tsp. powdered vitamin C with each meal (500 mg).


Developing cancer is a chain of events. This explains why it is a disease of aging. For ten years or more you poisoned your body with freon, fiberglass, asbestos, mercury, lead, copper, etc. You continually ate moldy food (chips, nuts, etc.) which was toxic to the liver. But the liver regen¬erated the pieces that died. Eventually a mold toxin prevents the liver from regenerating. Your aflatoxined liver then lets propyl alcohol build up after using it. You use more and more propyl alcohol. Somewhere, over the years, you pick up the intestinal fluke in a hamburger or from a pet or person. The stage is set and cancer is inevitable.


But pull out any one of the links in this chain and cancer is impossible. Pull them all out for a return to good health.


So cure yourself, prevent reinfection, heal the damage and go through life without this sword hanging over you.