I Won the Fight against Ulcer

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UlcerHello, My name is Nikolai Marinov, and I'm from the city of Plovdiv. I work as a policeman for 10 years now and spend my leisure time hunting. I've heard about your products from a friend. I shared my problems with him and he advised me to visit your website because it was full of useful information.

I have suffered from ulcer for many years and decided to take an unconventional approach to treatment. It was obvious that traditional medicine didn't help much and frankly, I'm not too fond of medicine intake and hospital visits.

I've always been a glutton and often eat "food" which is strongly discouraged in view of my medical condition. This is especially true for a get together with my hunter buddies when things always get out of control. After that, I have to pay dearly for the feast, but as one friend loves to say: "You can't have full happiness."

Over the years, I've heard about all kinds of "magical" and organic recipes to fight ulcer. I had tried many of them, but the effect of all cures had been just temporary.

After I came across your website and the information, placed on it, I decided to try the methods of Dr. Hulda Clark. I did a full cleansing of my body with your herbs and electronic devices. I don't know how to describe the relief I felt when only after 2-3 days of the procedures, the chronic acids that constantly gave me a hard time totally disappeared. In two weeks, I was eating almost everything without worrying about the consequences. It is still difficult for me to imagine that I suffered for many years when it was so easy to deal with the problem.

Not long ago, I told about your products and website to my father (I had inherited the condition from him). He read the whole information you have published for one night and on the next day, he called and informed me that he was ready to start the procedures. I took the herbs and appliances to his home and I'll write again later to inform you of the results.