No more Fungi and Leucorrhea

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Fungi and LeucorrheaHello, My name is Nikoleta Manolova, and I work as a photo model. I'm writing this letter because the device I've purchased from you cured an extremely stubborn and unpleasant medical condition I've had. I would like to share the results, with the hope that it might be of help to other women with a similar problem.


I visited dozens of gynecological consulting rooms in the last several years, desperately trying to win the fight against fungi and vaginal discharge. But whatever medications I was prescribed by the doctors, the results were just temporary. I prefer not to add up the amounts of money I had spent on medications and medical exams during this period. It will just upset me unnecessarily, but they are definitely in the range of hundreds of Euros. I was totally dispirited before I met a doctor dermatologist. I will abstain from revealing his name because I'm afraid that this may do harm to him in some way. This doctor advised me to try an alternative method for the treatment of fungi which, according to his observations, was much better and more effective than the medications, offered by the pharmacies. He told me in brief about Dr. Hulda Clark, the appliance Zapper that was developed by her, and the equivalent of her product, available on our market. Without losing time, I've ordered your appliance NEOClark and started the treatment course. I was extremely fascinated by the fact that the procedures were totally pain-free and even pleasant. During the treatment, I could comfortably lie down, read, or watch television.
Just in a week time and spending one hour daily, I was cured permanently and in full from the fungi and vaginal discharge that were tormenting me for years. Now, they are just a distant memory from the past, and I don't want to go back there. I have put an end to the constant visits for gynecological exams and the treatments with countless medications. I've found out that personally for me, this method worked best. If you have similar problems, I'm certain that this device will be of great help.