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gallbladder pain crisis gallstonesWhen Ruby was 2mths old I had my first gall bladder attack and went to hospital. The Dr’s told me I had bad posture when breastfeeding and sent me home. The next night it happened again so I went back to hospital and again the Dr told me that I was having panic attacks and to breath in a brown paper bag. The next day I visited my health nurse and she suspected gall stones and told me to go back for tests. That night I was back at the hospital with more attacks so this time they did blood tests and ultrasound which confirmed gall stones.

I went on a 60 day waiting list for surgery. In the mean time I searched the internet to find out what the gallbladder is and what it does and that’s when I found the liver cleanse and the website so I gave it a go and was amazed at the hundreds of stones that came out. To date I have now done 20 liver cleanses and passed 2742 stones of all different sizes. I have read Dr Clark’s book, "The Cure For All Disease" and have also done all 4 cleanses (herbal, kidney, liver & bowel) and am now doing it again for the second time.

When I first found the liver cleanse, I did lots and lots of reading and viewed all the photo’s and also on different websites to confirm what I was reading was true. When I saw the ingredients I knew they were safe to take and thought I had nothing to lose but didn’t want to experience another painful attack so I gave it my best shot and prayed for the best.

Since doing the cleanses I don’t seem to have no where near the Crohn’s symptoms that I used to have. My bloating has reduced, my nausea has gone and I’m not as constipated as I used to be. I no longer have diarrhea and my appetite has improved. The more cleanses that I do the more I keep improving and I’m keeping the weight off.

When I became ill I disagreed with the Dr’s as they weren’t interested in alternative treatments only drugs and surgery and I thought my life was over so I became quite depressed for a couple of years until things started to pick up. The Dr’s couldn’t tell me why I had the disease or how to get rid of it so I wanted to know why it happened to me. I wanted to know why I was sick at the age of 22 so I went looking for answers and was determined to find answers. I was just amazed how much information I found and what I’ve learnt about myself and the Dr’s don’t even want to give me the time or day. I’ve told all my friends and family about what I’ve discovered, some are amazed and others are not that convinced. I also found the Dr Clark Information Centre and shop online and have been using these sites ever since and emailing Cristina on a regular basis for advice and assistance. Cristina has been a fantastic help to all my questions.


Subject: Liver Cleanse Question - Sarah Ryan
Hi Cristina
Guess what, I've just had my ultrasound this morning and I've only got 1 possibly 2 stones left in my gall bladder. She also told me that my gallbladder looks really healthy and is in top working order. She was amazed by my liver cleanses with Epsom salts & olive oil. Thanks again for your advice. I can imagine you receive hundreds of emails every day and do very well with your quick responses. Much appreciated.