Zapper and Colon

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ATTENTION! This reference is taken from the website of Dr. Hulda Clark, and is by consumer used her products. Devices that are mentioned in the reference 'Zapper " and/or "Frequency generator"are with technical parameters completely overlapping those of the equivalent of our devices (producing "ZEPIR" Ltd.) - "NEORife" and "NEOKlark".  Dr. Clark "Tincture of black walnut" meets our products "Extract of Walnut".

woman with abdominal bokiDoctor, I was having a colon problem left side at the rib area. An MD told me it was a colon problem and a ND told me the same. I tried their solution for 3 months to no avail.

I re-read your book on the cure for all diseases and zapped myself 3 times on the 2nd day of zapping I passed a worm, black with a little purple coloring, and looked as if it were segmented. The worm was 9 inches long but I only got 60% of it, the other 40% sunk into the sewer. The next day I passed about a 3 inch worm that I assume was the last part of the first worm. This was all done with the Zapper only. I then started on the herbal stuff but continued to zap for 9 more days. No more worms, but the area around my heart had a little pain for a few more days but they are gone completely and I have no more pain in my colon area. I am 71 and a health nut.

I take care of my 92 year old mother and have been zapping her and doing a herb cleans too. I go slowly with her. She is NOW taking no drugs,

I started backing her off of these doctor prescribed stuff 1 March 04. A thing you might be interested in is EFA really mellowed her out. I also have her on
oral EDTA.

No one thought she would be alive a month or out of her wheel chair.

She uses a walker and her brain seems to be coming back.

Thanks for inventing the Zapper.