Zapper Kills Pathogens

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ATTENTION! This reference is taken from the website of Dr. Hulda Clark, and is by consumer used her products. Devices that are mentioned in the reference 'Zapper " and/or "Frequency generator"are with technical parameters completely overlapping those of the equivalent of our devices (producing "ZEPIR" Ltd.) - "NEORife" and "NEOKlark".  Dr. Clark "Tincture of black walnut" meets our products "Extract of Walnut".

virusesI was appalled when I got the letter telling me that the FDA was forcing you to refund money for zappers if your clients wanted them.  There is no way on Earth that I would ever consider asking for a refund for such a valuable pillar in my health regimen.

I suffer from FMS and CFIDS and my zapper has helped more than I can ever express.  I recommend the Hulda Clark zapper all the time on the online support group that I moderate.

It was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses and the zapper is used to kill these bacteria when they kill their host cells and go into the bloodstream in search of new cells to invade.  I used the zapper right alongside my Doxycycline to kill the mycoplasmas.  I took 2 1/2 years to clean them out of my system, but they appear to be gone.

I also have reactivated Herpes-Family viruses, most likely EBV and HHV-6, and I use the zapper to help kill them off or, at least, keep them in the latent stage.  I have used the zapper alongside the antiviral med and now the transfer factors and they are all working together beautifully.

I know the zapper kills pathogens because even when I'm not taking medications, if I use the zapper in the manual mode for 20 mins. and then in the auto mode, I will have a Herxheimer Effect just like the ones produced by drugs.  My zapper has helped me to get off of potentially dangerous medications and it helps with colds and viruses.  If I use the zapper at the first sign of a cold or virus, I will not get it.  I may have a few symptoms, but if I continue to use it, the cold or virus will never infect me full blown.

I am so sorry that you have been part of the FDA's witch hunt and I hope very few people have asked for refunds.  I know testimonials probably don't help, but please know that you have helped me tremendously and I wouldn't trade my zapper for anything.


Mike Mahan