Tomato juice - better than Energy Drink

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Tomato juice better than an energy drink tomato juice can have a positive effect on post-workout energy drinks.

Tomatoes provide the body with vital elements which help him to fully recover after physical activity. Strengthen muscles and normalize blood pressure.

Researchers followed 15 athletes over a period of two months. They monitor their vital parameters before, during and after exercise.

Nine athletes consume tomato juice after training, and the other six - an energy drink.

The results show that consuming tomato juice recovered faster muscle and glucose levels after strenuous exercise.

Furthermore, the researchers found that tomato juice reduces the risk of degeneration of muscle and brain, since it counteracts the build-up of harmful proteins.

Drinking tomato juice reduces oxidative cell damage after exercise, which helps recovery and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

The antioxidant properties of the tomato reduce the risk of prostate cancer, depression, and cardiovascular problems.

Tomato juice may protect women from the destruction of bone tissue occurring in the menopause, according to research by Canadian scientists.