Parasites - part 3

The presence of parasites inside the body is an issue that many of us prefer not to discuss. People often discover that they've turned into parasite incubators when it is too late. Having penetrated inside the human body, they spread very quickly all over: in the liver, intestines, tissues, eyes, and even in the brain.


They literally drain the vital saps from the body, devouring nutrients and releasing toxins and strong poisons in turn.


Trichinellosis settle in the muscular tissue, and heavy rheumatism is the most likely outcome. They can travel to the brain of the receiving person, causing serious mental conditions, which often result in hospitalization at psychiatric wards.


Echinococcus settles in the liver and leads to the development of massive tumors. "Fortunately", the worms, inhabiting our intestines, are usually between 9 mm and 30 cm in size. However, there are parasites, such as the taenia, which not only spread at an extremely quick rate, but reach the size of 12 to 15 m and live up to 25 years. Ascarids lay up to 250 thousand eggs a day, and this swarming community consumes saps from our food, blood, and tissues.


Even negative tests for helminths, taken at certain time intervals, cannot guarantee that one is healthy. The effectiveness of this method is only 12-20% because it is quite possible that the parasite has not laid eggs at the time of the test.


This film takes you to the harsh reality, without saving you anything. It ca be said that this is among the life-changing films that one should certainly watch.

We are aware that no force is greater than knowledge, and we offer the information at our disposal. Each person should evaluate how to use it at his own discretion. 



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Паразити - част 3 Паразити - част 3