Frequently Asked Questions

I. How do the devices NEOClark and NEORife differ?

In essence, both appliances are quite similar, the main difference being that the NEOClark device works with 2 unique frequencies only  (2,5 kHz and 30 kHz), which are sufficient for the simultaneous elimination of most pathogenic organisms upon use. On the other hand, NEORife works with a multitude of frequencies that correspond to concrete pathogenic agents and upon selection of electrical impulses from the menu on the computer, they destroy precisely this pathogen which has caused the particular disease. Literally said, when you use NEOClark, you shoot at the pathogens with a bazooka; on the other hand, working with NEORife, you are using a sniper.

2. Other differences between the two devices are:

  • NEOClark - works with a battery and voltage of about 8-9 V; the device does not have to be connected to a computer when used.
  • NEORife - works plugged to a computer, with a voltage 12 V charged from it.

  • The duration of the treatment session with NEORife will be set by the computer program and depends on the disease that you selected for treatment.

II. What is the difference between NEOClark and NEOClark Pro?

The difference between the two devices is the possibility for NEOClark Pro to control what the duty cycle of the device's output signal to be. Apart from the 'standard' of 50 percent, the device can be set to work with the 'more powerful' 75 percent duty cycle.