About us

ZEPIR” is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of Nutritional supplements, herbal products, natural cosmetics and organic foods.

Our main goal is the imposition on the market of new means for improvement of the general health of people, their physical strength, beauty and work efficiency.

The production is based exclusively on the guaranteed production quality, including mandatory strict control in accordance with all European and world standards.

The website zepir.com is an online shop and an information portal. You can look at and buy our products from the Sections “Nutritional supplements for health”, “Nutritional supplements for sports”, “Tea”, “More on Health” and “Promotions”. In the “Media” section of the site you will find a huge variety of information (including movies) about alternative medicine and technologies.

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We know that in order to achieve our goals a complete dedication and an appropriate mix of skills and knowledge are needed. We work only with the best specialists and we put continuing efforts to develop and improve the production, maintaining high professional level that customers expect from us.

The personal development and the formation of the company's reputation is what ensure the achievement of desired results through responsible involvement of the people in the company and an effective management of its development.


Hopefully the time spent on our site is pleasant and useful for you!


Best wishes: ZEPIR Team.