The Zapper and Flu

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ATTENTION! This reference is taken from the website of Dr. Hulda Clark, and is by consumer used her products. Devices that are mentioned in the reference 'Zapper " and/or "Frequency generator"are with technical parameters completely overlapping those of the equivalent of our devices (producing "ZEPIR" Ltd.) - "NEORife" and "NEOKlark".  Dr. Clark "Tincture of black walnut" meets our products "Extract of Walnut".

snufflesJust a note to let you know we have made it through the winter in our busy Law office, with no loss of time from work due to FLU. 

In February, Influenza A and B went through our staff and their children. Those who were willing to zap and/or take BWHT and Flu Solution (a homeopathic) were back on their feet before the virus even "blossomed" into full symptoms.  We zapped, used BWHT, drank a lot of water and did fine. 

Those who went to their MDs were very sick for about 10 days.

Now, there is a nasty viral bug going around and we are having the same experience.

Thank you, Dr Clark!
"DA" Doctor of Energetic Healing, Reiki Master-Teacher