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Manufacturer: ЗЕПИР
Product No: 2570
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Ultra Fat Burner - a strong energy and fat-melting stimulant.

Packaging: 180 capsules - Ultra Fat Burner

Effects: The ingredients in Ultra Fat Burner are powerful natural combination favorable for:

- Burning fat (especially around the waist and hips)

- Accelerating the metabolism and having thermogenic effect

- Maintaining and regenerating the muscle tissue

- Stimulating the brain activity and the nerve regeneration- Improving the concentration and the memory- Removing the sluggishness in the body

- Improving the speed of response and the reflexes

- Reducing the fatigue – Increasing the energy and the physical endurance

- Suppressing the appetite

- Stimulating the circulatory and central nervous system.

The extracts in Ultra Fat Burner are rich in natural vitamins and minerals.

Containing 6 capsules of the product:

Acetyl L-carnitine

1000 mg


300 mg

Bitter orange peel

200 mg


200 mg

Root extract of South African geranium (60% content  1,3-dimethylamylamine)

50 mg

Green tea extract

400 mg

Raspberry ketone

200 mg


Fat Burners are the most used products by sporting women and men, for accelerated fat burning. Over the years several ingredients with strong effect have been established: L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Raspberry ketone, bitter orange peel, Yohimbe.

Ultra Fat Burner include all of them in high doses, and in order to strengthen the effect we added powerful energy stimulants: 1,3-dimethylamylamine (Extract from the root of South African geranium) and Guarana.

If you are looking for fast results in fat loss and at the same time you want to keep your muscles and “burst” of energy, Ultra Fat Burner is your product!

How to take the Ultra Fat Burner:

The maximum recommended daily dose: 6 capsules - Fat Burner

They should be taken half an hour before the training.


- Do not use during pregnancy and breast feeding

- Do not use in allergy to any of the components

- Not to be used by people with autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases

- Reduce the intake or stop it if you feel tension and nervousness, lack of sleep, rapid breathing, highly increased heart rate

- Do not use during a race or competition preparation, as it is likely to give a positive doping result

- Not for use by persons under 18 years of age

Side effects: If Ultra Fat Burner is used in the prescribed doses it is practically safe.

Like any other product, in order to avoid long-term overdose, we do not recommended to use it more than two months without interruption.

In case of overdose is possible to get: rapid breathing, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, increased heart rate and artificial sense of anxiety. Symptoms subside within a few hours after you stop using it.

Storage: Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25 degrees. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Protect from frost!

WARNING: Ultra Fat Burner is not a substitute for varied and full meals. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Best before: see date marked on the package 

Manufacturer: “ZEPIR” Ltd. - Sofia,

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