Zapper, Diabetes and Arthritis

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ATTENTION! This reference is taken from the website of Dr. Hulda Clark, and is by consumer used her products. Devices that are mentioned in the reference 'Zapper " and/or "Frequency generator"are with technical parameters completely overlapping those of the equivalent of our devices (producing "ZEPIR" Ltd.) - "NEORife" and "NEOKlark".  Dr. Clark "Tincture of black walnut" meets our products "Extract of Walnut".

arthritisI am getting excellent results now using high B/P smart key and following with kidney key daily and re-inforcing with regular duration zapping twice/week.  My blood pressure is going down dramatically with this program and I am cutting back on pharmaceuticals.

I have done the liver cleanse and have been zapping for 2 years.  I will start the kidney cleanse soon, as I think Dr Clark is correct about presence of cadmium.  I had some M.D. tests done and found my kidneys are in good shape [tubes are open] but kidneys are not producing B/P regulating chemicals due to fish poisoning which I am just recovering from. 

We are about to open a clinic here in the south pacific using Dr Clarks methods; "Better Health Research Center" will be the name of the clinic.  The population here is Polynesian and the main diseases are diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis in the form of gout.

If Dr Clark ever takes vacations this island of Rarotonga is an excellent vacation spot, it is the capitol of the Cook Islands which are south of Hawaii, west of Tahiti, east of Samoa.

An independent country in association with New Zealand.  No problem here with American medical association or any of that.