Zapper and Blood

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ATTENTION! This reference is taken from the website of Dr. Hulda Clark, and is by consumer used her products. Devices that are mentioned in the reference 'Zapper " and/or "Frequency generator"are with technical parameters completely overlapping those of the equivalent of our devices (producing "ZEPIR" Ltd.) - "NEORife" and "NEOKlark".  Dr. Clark "Tincture of black walnut" meets our products "Extract of Walnut".

abdominal painsHi,

I hope you are well.  I think I have the solution for my problem that started in November regarding my menstruation cycle that was out of phase.

I do not lose any more blood after my cycle, while before the loss of blood was continuous. I had some blood tests done which resulted in iron deficiency.

After having taken a bit of vitamins,  I started to use the  specific frequencies  putting as you suggested the carbon handles directly on the area of  the ovaries and recently I'm also using the one-hour zapper program.

I noticed that definitely I feel much better after having done the frequencies and as a result at the end of my last 2 menstruation cycles  there was no more blood,  only a slight dark loss at the beginning perhaps because of  inflammation, however, with the help of herbs and zapper I’m keeping the situation under control.

Thanks for your help

I wanted also to have some information regarding the saliva test. See you soon and greetings also from my mom.